Yoss Baking

Yoss Baking: A growing Wholesale Bakery in Norcross, GA

Yoss Baking Atlanta GAYoss Baking is a growing commercial and wholesale bakery in metro Atlanta. Operating out of Norcross, the bakery now sells to clients ranging from Rick’s Bar and Grille in Cumming to Delta Airlines.

Owner Michael Yoss has over 35 years experience baking. His original venture, The Royal Bagel was open in Atlanta for over 23 years and is still remembered by residents fondly even though it closed over 16 years ago. Michael Yoss’ story was featured in The Atlanta Jewish Times as a staple for the community.

Yoss Baking began in 2002 and was started out of Michael’s kitchen. He had been offered a wholesale cheesecake contract by an old customer he encountered at a restaurant.

“I was out visiting a friend at a restaurant when I ran into one of my old wholesale customers from the Royal Bagel.” Michael says, “He told me that if I made him cheesecakes, he would buy them and about a week or so later I started baking cheesecakes in my kitchen.”


Yoss Baking grew out of Michael’s kitchen in 2003 and has been operating out of a bakery in Norcross ever since. He makes cheesecakes, key lime pies, carrot cakes and a variety of other delicious works of art. Yoss Baking strives to make the best pies and cakes available on the market using only the highest quality ingredients. It’s easy to remember Yoss Baking because the last thing you eat at dinner is always dessert.

As a small business owner, Michael Yoss enjoys interacting and meeting with his customers. So much so that he still does almost all the deliveries.

“Generally I do all the deliveries for Yoss because I want to go back and see each and every customer.” Michael says, “So I am there immediately, they see me. I’m not just a faceless company. They see the owner of the company, which is we are all about. You know who you’re dealing with on a daily basis.”

To talk about the perfect ending to your meals, contact:
Yoss Baking
2910 Cole Ct,
Norcross, GA 30071
(678) 966-9995

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