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About SolRx Global, Inc.

SolRx is the ideal sunscreen for high performing athletes and people who love outdoor recreation. Tested and proven effective for up to 8 hours in and out of the water, SolRx is the premier water resistant sport sunscreen for athletes around the world. SolRx Sport Sunscreen is distributed in 18 countries world wide, providing broad spectrum protection from the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays.

SolRx Sport Sunscreen Products

SolRx offers a complete line of sport sunscreen products and SPF ratings including its most popular SPF 50 WATERBLOCK® formula available in a 3oz tube or 3.4oz spray pump. SolRx also manufactures broad spectrum Zinc Oxide sunscreen in a 3oz tube as well as in a sunscreen stick.

Other SolRx products include its SPF 30 Lip Ice lip balm sunscreens, SPF 35 WATERBLOCK®, travel friendly Slopes sunscreen in a 1.5oz bottle, and a Blue Aloe after sun care gel designed to moisturize and hydrate after a day spent in the sun.

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4908 Golden Pkwy #400
Buford, GA 30518


Local: (770) 271-4412
Toll Free: (800) 728-7873


(770) 614-4436


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