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About Cranman Golf Products, LLC

Cranman Golf Products is a company that has been on the leading edge of innovative golf equipment for several years. Based in Atlanta, Cranman Golf Products has developed a number of unique tools designed to improve functionality all while enhancing the overall experience of the game of golf. Among the most creative developments of the company is the Mark Mender, a 4-in-1 divot repair tool that does more than just fix ball marks.

About the Mark Mender Divot Repair Tool

divot repair toolDesigned to prevent improper repair of divots which can damage the greens, the Mark Mender is one of the best divot repair tools that makes fixing ball marks easy and gratifying. It’s unique design and functionality is what makes the Mark Mender standout from other basic divot repair tools.

When using most conventional or 2-prong divot repair tools the natural tendency is to pull up along the sides of the ball mark. This technique, which is most common among golfers, can actually do harm to the greens. The Mark Mender is a 4-prong divot repair tool that uses a spring-loaded squeeze mechanism. This enable golfers to effectively fix ball marks mindfully and with proper care.

By leveraging a simple poke-and-pinch functionality, the Mark Mender is capable of repairing the deepest of divots seamlessly and with ease. It enables golfers to take ownership of their ball mark while maintaining the quality of the golf green while adding to the experience of a great approach shot.

Take advantage of custom divot tools wholesale for event giveaways, tradeshow swag, marketing and branding, or groomsmen golf gifts. Cranman Golf Products is able to make custom logo divot repair tools with a low minimum order.  So whether you need a bulk purchase for your business or just a few for unique golf groomsmen gifts, see what makes the Mark Mender one of the best options.

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