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Established in 1985, Current Pixel has been taking the hassle and headache out of video editing, duplication and media conversion by making its services available to everyone. With local roots in the Sandy Springs area of Atlanta, Current Pixel is a full-service provider of affordable audio and video transfers, slide and film digitization, CD and DVD duplication, and audio and video editing.

Current Pixel Services

All of Current Pixel’s media conversion services are conducted in-house by an experienced team of technicians. As the cornerstone to the company’s service portfolio, Current Pixel has reputation for helping customers transfer old video tapes and film reels into a digital format that offers greater accessibility. Whether your memories consist of home movies, weddings, holidays, birthdays, or vacations, Current Pixel makes it easy to covert outdated media to DVD or digital video files.

The specialized digital equipment that Current Pixel offers can convert nearly any type of video format to DVD or digital files. By converting your old video tapes and film reels, you’ll be able to watch and share some of your most cherished memories. Current Pixel can also create personalized videos of your memories by incorporating photos, slides, video clips, and music. These videos are 100% unique and are a wonderful way to capture you most precious memories with friends and family.

In addition to video transfer services, Current Pixel can also convert old vinyl records, audio cassettes, Minidiscs, DAT tapes, 33s, 45s, 78s, and even reel-to-reel audio to CDs or MP3 files. Lead by Current Pixel’s experienced team of audio engineers, you can take virtually any form of audio and have it converted into a format that you can access with greater ease and enjoyment.

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Current Pixel
5975 Roswell Rd NE #125A
Atlanta, GA 30328


(404) 256-4108


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