Top 5 Networking Groups for Atlanta Small Business Owners

Smart small business owners know that networking can be an essential element to their company’s success. Not only can you uncover potential new clients and kick-off highly lucrative collaborations, having a network you can turn to, particularly if you’re a small business owner, can make the entrepreneurial road less lonely. However, with so many organizations available to join in Atlanta, it’s occasionally difficult to know where to begin. If you’re looking to get the most networking bang for your valuable time buck, selecting the right group can make a huge difference in your potential success.

Atlanta Networking Groups: The Top Five

The National Association of Women Business Owners Atlanta

Formed in 1975, the NAWBO is a great place for female small business owners to start their networking process. The group regularly holds roundtable discussions, seminars and even offers a mentor program to help lead you through any potential problems or pitfalls you may be having. The group hosts regular events throughout the month, making it easy to attend and build your network in whatever industry you happen to be involved in.

The Atlanta Professionals Business and Social Networking Group

With nearly 1,500 members in the business community, The APBSNG is a great place to start when you’re looking to build your network as a small business owner. Events have included networking expos, workshops on creating a steady profit base and teleseminars on building sales. Additionally, this group isn’t all work and no play. Social events and meetups are also on the cards for the rest of 2014.

The National Association of Independent Businesses Georgia

Georgia’s chapter of this national organization is particularly helpful to local small business owners looking to build contacts and networking opportunities. While the national group hosts many webinars a month to help improve your skills, the local chapter is home to many meetups and networking events.

Buckhead Business Association

If you’re a small business owner in Buckhead, you’re in luck, as the BBA is one of the most active business organizations in the city. The group hosts regular weekly breakfast meetings where networking opportunities abound, as well as monthly socials and seminars. Established in 1951, it’s also one of the city’s oldest business associations.

The Atlanta Business League

Established in 1933 as an affiliate of the National Business League, which was founded by Dr. Booker T. Washington, the Atlanta Business League is one of the cities oldest organizations for people of color in business. The organization hosts many events throughout the year, an opportunities abound to tap into their extensive network through membership directories, exchanges, training programs and networking events.

Making the time to network can be a key factor to the success of your business. Networking can help to establish new clients, lasting business partnerships and deliver new talent to your company. Though running your own business may not afford you much in the way of extra time, devoting yourself to networking can be a sound investment in your company’s future.

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